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Author of White Chair Day.  White Chair Day is the first collection of stories in the White Chair Days book series.  In addition, Joni is working on a children’s book series with her two sons.  Read More

Are You Ready…?

ITS COMING! Will you be ready? Like our Fan Page First Steps Publishing to keep up with our upcoming event! #WhiteChairDayDAY And follow our author, Joni Jesme as she prepares for the first White Chair Day DAY! Coming August 28,...

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Press Release

Click to Download Media Kit:   MediaKitWCD062018 How to Embrace the Humor of Mid-Life Revealed in White Chair Day, New Release from First Steps Publishing Joni Jesme’s debut book uncovers the humor behind growing older and the need to embrace the journey into mid-life...

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A Very Wet Garden!

We have desperately needed rain in the Twin Cities.  Everything has been dry and in need of a good rain - and finally, relief has come.   Driving home from work, I rounded the corner of a neighborhood I pass through after picking up my Miss Nala from puppy play care. ...

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An Ich for the Farmer’s Market

I have a crazy itch for the St. Paul farmers market.  I love going there, and this longer winter has me missing it even more than usual.  There is something about stretching out from the sheets on an early Saturday morning, brush my teeth, toss my hair up on my head,...

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Enjoying our senses.  That for me, is just the most amazing, underappreciated part of life – the extraordinary in the ordinary.  So many people just don’t take the time to really enjoy them.   I was thinking about the sense of smell this morning.  Spring is keeping...

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Lines on Life

"Lines on Life"...  It seemed an appropriate title for this author's blog page where I will share random ramblings on life, and living life.  Words can take a bounty of forms within writing. The world is profound, and I cannot imagine a life that didn’t involve...

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