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Enjoying our senses.  That for me, is just the most amazing, underappreciated part of life – the extraordinary in the ordinary.  So many people just don’t take the time to really enjoy them.   I was thinking about the sense of smell this morning.  Spring is keeping its distance, but there was that slight smell in the air this past week that reminded me that it is not so very far away.

Smelling the outdoors – ah!  And that led me to think of my clothesline that is tucked away in the garage, waiting to stretch its arms in the warmer weather.  There is something just amazing about drying sheets and a few things on the clothesline.  A few years ago I bought an old-fashioned English clothesline that is round (octagonal) and spins with the wind.  It holds a lot of clothes and sheets, and by spinning in the wind, dries everything pretty quickly.  I absolutely love the smell of sheets dried outside.

Taking a pillowcase or piece of clothing off of the line, and pressing it up to my nose – and inhaling deeply – is such a wonderful experience.  Then that night, being surrounded by that fresh smell as I snuggle under the covers…  just such a sensory joy!

Other favorite smells?  Fresh cut grass, rain, a newborn baby, a campfire, pine needles and strangest of all – the first time I smell a skunk in the spring – it reminds me that it is spring after all!

What are some of your favorite smells?